Researching the transnational organization of senior care, labor and mobility in Central and Eastern Europe

Project claim

The collaborative research project CareOrg investigates transnational senior care work from and within Central and Eastern Europe. 
Our main idea is to understand and theorize emerging transnational care markets and identify solutions for sustainable and decent care work in Europe. Through empirical and engaged research we are going to map and analyze current and future patterns of commodification, marketization, transnationalization, professionalization, and digitalization of senior care.
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About CareOrg

Given demographic, political, and social developments, the demand for transnational senior care services will continue to grow across Europe. Fueled by economic inequalities, transnational senior care would seem to provide a perfect solution to the reproductive crisis – however, a question mark hangs over its sustainability.

CareOrg is going to foreground the under-researched and under-theorized meso-level of transnational care organization in the perspective of both the sending and the receiving contexts with specific attention to how the identified processes relate to decent work, care drain and care chains. The project addresses diverse audiences - academic, political, social, educational and cultural, both locally and at the international level.
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is the transnational organization of senior care from and within the Central and Eastern European countries shaped, formalized, professionalized, and politicized in and across the different countries?
is the senior care market in the Central and Eastern European countries changing as a result of developments within transnational care migration?
do these developments mean for Central and Eastern Europe: migrant care workers, their families, communities, labor markets, and welfare states?

CareOrg Team

CareOrg brings together regionally based experts in the fields of labor, mobility, care, and ageing studies. They previously worked together on numerous research projects and collaborations. CareOrg is also dedicated to building academic capacity in the Central and Eastern European region.

CareOrg is committed to engaged research to:

Identify practical “bottlenecks”
in care demand and provision, conditions of care work, and the role of various organizations in the professionalization of care and care work management,
Understand the meaning
of transnational care, decent work, vulnerability of workers, and care for them (wellbeing, health, social protection),
Suggest policy implications
based on identified care needs in the region, transnational care chains, issues of intersecting inequalities, and the marketization and professionalization of care.
CareOrg reaches out to diverse audiences - academic, political, social, educational and cultural, both locally and at the supranational level.
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